Higher Paradigms are a blog dedicated to discussions on religion. This is a delicate subject matter which often becomes difficult to discuss without bigotry or without treading on anyone’s beliefs. However, the discussions here are about religion on what is known as well as on higher paradigms that transcend general belief and norms and justification of the same.

Everyone will agree that religions were formed to meet certain needs for communities. Religion gave man direction, understanding that there are a higher purpose and a divine force that governs the universe as well as impacts our lives. Without this knowledge, man would never be able to transgress to higher levels of thought or understand the place we humans have in this universe.

While every religion has formed a pivotal role in forming traditions and ways of life in different communities, it is only when we digress from such path that bigotry comes into play. Also, the interpretation of many writings and religious texts has been misinterpreted often. That often comes in conflict when it tries to tie down the innate creative force in man and forces him or her behind the bars of customs and traditions. Religion is by man, for man and the right understanding of the same can lead to the liberation of thought as well as solve many differences that exist. Religion should be the guidance and not the limiting factor.

The blogs here are aimed towards promoting such discussions. There can be contradictions and different views, but all should be done to promote a robust and sound platform of spiritual discussions and nothing more.